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Temporary Buildings

Fast Accommodation

In case your company or organization needs immediate additional or replacing business space or in case your existing accommodation has been eliminated by any disaster, Armada-Vingida is able to offer you fast Accommodation Solutions to keep your business ongoing.

Solid Structures & Flexible Solutions

Armada-Vingida can offer you almost any sort of temporary accommodation for any purpose and event. Our portable buildings are modular, can be supplied insulated and as turnkey solution, ready to use. Our strength is our speed with which we can offer you our accommodations, mostly within weeks your business is ongoing again after disaster has struck.

In case you need additional business space or storage space we are able to provide you our modular steel structures or commercial buildings which are designed against all weather conditions. Armada-Vingida has an extensive global network of professional partners, which means we can provide fast accommodation solutions in almost every country. Though, no matter how high the urgency, concessions are never made to the reliability and safety of our accommodations.

Turnkey Solutions

Besides basic portable modular structures Armada-Vingida is also able to provide its clients with high-tech temporary buildings including all necessary utility needs including water and sanitary facilities. If required we can install complete furnished buildings including illumination, heating and air conditioning as package solution.

These options will save our clients time and thus money to enquire with several supply companies for several products and services.


Safety has one of our highest priorities and we will never make any concessions to the quality and safety of our buildings and structures. All of our structures are certified to the highest safety demands and international construction demands.

We only work with the highest quality materials available and all our covers are fire retardant according to DIN4102B1/M2 certification.

Many of our temporary structures are competitive with any permanent buildings and therefore are being used as semi-permanent solution.

Accommodation solutions we can provide:
For more information about our possibilities for your temporary accommodation needs, please fill out our enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Besides manufacturing new temporary buildings we can offer you our used portable buildings and structures as well. Please click here to visit our marketplace.