Portable & Temporary Accommodation Solutions

Armada-Vingida is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of standard modular temporary buildings, specific custom-built structures and relocatable buildings which can be designed for your specific needs.

We are able to provide you almost any temporary accommodation solution for your housing needs, and we supply our portable buildings and fabric structures to almost any country and for any industry or sector.

In case you have a specific accommodation need you would like to discuss with us, please contact us.

Accommodation solutions we can provide:

Solutions: Sectors & Structures:
Industrial Solutions Solutions for automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, electronics, materials productions, mining, chemicals, oil industry etc.
Storage Solutions Storage structures for bulk, food products, electronics, timber, aluminum storage, cargo, shipping & transportation companies etc.
Commercial Solutions Temporary office buildings, portable offices, temporary restaurants, casinos, theatres, hotel buildings etc.
Retail Solutions Portable shops, semi-permanent superstores, portable show rooms, temporary supermarkets etc.
Sports Solutions Temporary sports buildings for soccer clubs, basketball teams, hockey clubs, swimming pool covers etc.
Educational Solutions Temporary school buildings, portable classrooms, temporary school structures, portable childcare buildings etc.
Healthcare Solutions Temporary hospital buildings, portable healthcare buildings etc.
Housing Solutions Temporary prison buildings, portable recreational buildings, office cabins etc.
Emergency Solutions Emergency relief structures, tents, shelters, portable storage buildings etc.
Military Solutions Portable military buildings, portable defense structures and army buildings, portable field hospitals, portable aircraft hangars etc.
Marine Solutions Temporary shipbuilding hangars, portable yacht hangars, temporary port buildings, off shore accommodations etc.
Aviation Solutions Temporary aircraft hangars, cargo buildings, storage buildings, temporary terminal buildings, temporary airport buildings etc.
Environmental Solutions Chemical tank covers, water tank covers, sewage covers, nuclear decontamination structures, remediation structures etc.
Agricultural Solutions Livestock housing, grain & feed storage, hay storage, livestock facilities, temporary barns, hog plants and cattle buildings.
Event Solutions Clearspan structures, party tents, circus tents, festival tents and event shelters for festivals, sports events, business events etc.
Custom Projects Specific tensile canopies, awnings, advertising structures, building wraps etc.
Cover Solutions Membrane covers like water area canopies, stadium covers, railway station covers, grandstand covers etc.
Diversified Solutions Portable fashion show halls, temporary film studios, diversified membrane structures, construction site halls, road work halls, sanitary cabins, storage containers, shipping containers etc.

For more information about our structure solutions for each specific sector, and to receive possibilities and references from our side for your project, please contact us.

Portable Fabric Buildings & Structures

Our Framed Fabric Structures are Modular Prefabricated Steel Buildings or Portable Aluminum Buildings covered with fire retardant PVC-textile covers. Our Portable Buildings, or Portable Pre-Engineered Buildings and Fabric Covered Buildings, are fast erected and designed to high wind and snow loads, and are available unlimited in length.

We produce Portable Fabric Structures for various purposes and industries. Our Prefabricated Fabric Structures are modular, can be supplied insulated and as a turnkey project building.

Examples of Relocatable Fabric Buildings & Structures are: Armada-Vingida portable framed structures and relocatable facilities can be installed with various accessories like hangar doors, slide gates, roller shutter doors, revolving doors, entrance doors and emergency exits. Illumination, insulation, heating and climate control system can be supplied as additional options.

Our event structures, event tents and portable events buildings can be supplied with several sorts of decorations including roof linings, wall linings, diversified interiors, curtains, floorings, carpets, lighting, plants, flowers, heating and air conditioning. Power utilities and portable sanitary facilities can be supplied by us as well.

Our portable buildings and structures can be used as a wide range of temporary and portable facilities, and can be relocated, dismounted and expanded by modular bay extensions at any desired moment. Since our portable structures will not require permanent foundations we can offer you space on demand!

For our steel buildings and steel structures please visit our dedicated website at: www.armada-its.com.

For more information or to request an offer, please fill out our enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Besides manufacturing new temporary structures we can offer you our used portable buildings and structures as well.