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Portable Industrial Buildings

Armada-Vingida is able to provide solid and flexible temporary industrial accommodations such as temporary stock buildings, portable storage buildings, relocatable production facilities, aviation buildings, port buildings and cargo buildings worldwide. Our temporary buildings and fabric structures are also available for rental in case you will require them for short periods.

We also offer temporary structures for specific industrial solutions in harsh environments like oil rig shelters and mining structures. We are able to provide you with fast industrial space through our modular portable buildings in most countries.

Our portable steel buildings are designed and calculated according to EC3 with high snow (1.8 kN/m2) and wind loads (32m/s) and are certified to all European construction safety regulations. We supply our portable steel hangars in width up to 80m without support columns and in unlimited length.

Armada-Vingida supplies temporary industrial buildings for transportation industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, aviation industry, electronics industry, steel industry, mining industry, chemical industry, oil industry and more.

For more information about our possibilities for your temporary production facilities or portable storage facilities, please fill out our enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Besides manufacturing new portable industrial buildings we can offer you our used portable buildings and structures as well. Please click here to visit our market place.

For more information about our portable industrial buildings, please visit as well.

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